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Safe and Secure – Keeping a watchful eye over your business

Many businesses cannot afford a full time security presence but are still a target for criminals. A break-in can cost far more than the items stolen: lost orders, time wasted replacing equipment, not to mention loss of custom and credibility where orders cannot be fulfilled.

This is where Safe and Secure Services can help, with a dedicated mobile patrol service, tailored to meet your needs and more importantly, your budget. It has been proven that the presence of uniformed guards at premises reduces crime and acts as a visible deterrent to criminals.

Our guards visit at random times with no fixed routine, upsetting criminals planning to break into your premises. Our visits also include a check on all doors and windows to make sure none have been inadvertently left open.

Our guards are trained to industry recognised standards and carry body cams to record any incidents. Additionally, you benefit from live tracking to instantly see when your property has been checked by our operative.

Working with a leading provider of mobile security services in the south of England means you know that your property will always be Safe and Secure.

Warehouse & Storage

On average 1 in 9 warehouse and storage facilities were broken into last year. This hit small and medium size businesses particularly hard with over 12000 businesses who employ less than ten people experiencing losses. Safe & Secure can provide cover either for individual businesses or as part of a package securing whole trading estates.

Retail & Shop

Statistics for the UK in 2017 indicate that over 29000 businesses in the UK suffered a robbery or attempted robbery. Safe & Secure understand how and when these criminals operate and provide a visible presence to reduce this risk.

Building & Construction

Whether you have a large construction site or materials and tools stored at a remote site, we will make regular visits to check that everything is secure. Visible mobile security guards are shown to be effective in deterring this kind of crime.

Equestrian & Stables

Recently a horrific arson attack in Essex left fifteen beloved horses dead and many more traumatised. Safe and Secure Services are able to visit your stables to make sure the animals in your care are not stolen or injured by criminals. Low cost assurance for you and your customers.

Boatyards & Marinas

Criminals increasingly see boats as an easy target for theft. Many owners are unable to afford the higher priced marinas with 24 hour protection, therefore, risk the theft of outboard motors or even their boat. Over an eight week period last summer 34 boats were stolen from five local marinas prompting the local MP to warn about this problem. We can provide a low cost mobile service to check your boat when it’s not in use.

Offices & Schools

Schools are often subject to criminal damage from past or present pupils, whilst over 9000 offices were broken into last year by criminals. Often offices and schools cannot afford full time security guards so Safe and Secure offer a cost effective deterrent for these businesses with random visits both day and night.

Landlords & Rental

As a landlord you may rely on the rental from your property to provide income for you and your family. Despite recent changes to the law to protect landlords from tenants who seek to damage their property, one in ten have still experienced this problem. Allow us to keep a regular check on your properties before problems get out of hand.

Farm & Agricultural

Farms are often by nature remote buildings with highly specialised and expensive machinery stored on site. This makes farm thefts amongst the highest for business premises. Sometimes after a hard day working it’s nice to know that Safe & Secure are out checking your outbuildings and remote locations whilst you are getting some well deserved rest.

Garages & Car Sales

Thefts of cars from showrooms or dealerships tend to be rarer than from other businesses. However, when thieves strike they frequently take multiple vehicles as a recent robbery of seven cars from a Bournemouth dealership demonstrated. Criminals often stake out targets before striking and a regular visit from a mobile security company will often mean they move on to a softer target.

On average 11% of businesses are broken into each year

Nearly a quarter of a million UK businesses were targeted by criminals last year

Small and medium sized businesses are targeted more often than large corporations

Even low risk businesses have a 1 in 20 risk of being targeted

In some high risk locations the risk of being robbed can be as high as 1 in 4

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