At Safe and Secure Services we set up the company to try to protect people’s property as we were concerned with rising crime waves and the reduction in police services.

As a starting point we felt we should know our “enemy” and how he works. Before you pick us up on our political correctness saying “he”, are you aware that 95% of burglars are male so the law of averages says your house will probably be broken into by a man? Did you also know that over 50% of these break-ins are committed by males under the age of twenty-five?

Most break-ins are not carried out by professionals, with 85% being opportunists who search out easy pickings. Typically, they will use none sophisticated tools such as screwdrivers, pry bars and hammers. Most won’t carry a weapon and will be in and out of your home in less than 12 minutes.

Not only that, they will almost certainly live nearby and know the area, making their escape easier. It is estimated that around half of all burglaries are committed within 2 miles of the perpetrator’s home.

Many of these people have day jobs, and may even use the loo when visiting as a legitimate trades person and tamper with a window to allow easy access at another time.

Burglaries take place around the clock (on average one every 15-20 seconds) but there are things you can do to reduce risks if you know what they are.

90% of all break-ins are through the front or back door, so try to keep these visible and not hidden behind bushes and trees.

Also, if you have CCTV this massively reduces your risk of a break-in. Add an alarm system and your risk of a burglary is reduced by two thirds compared to a house without one. 85% of break-ins are in towns and cities and less than 15% are ever solved.

So, you’ve put in your CCTV and a burglar alarm but the house is empty during the day. This is your last big risk, because most break-ins occur between 10am and 2pm. This is where we can help. By offering random trackable security visits to your home with signage and a visible presence, Safe and Secure Services can further reduce the risk of losing your valuable processions in a burglary.

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